West London Branch Ride to Whiteways Cafe

As we all get to live with Covid we are implementing a few changes to life at West London .We have started to have a Wednesday morning meet at ‘Ockham Bites ‘ just off the A3 slip road Southbound after M25 junction 10 – see link

This is obviously weather permitting  –  Steve Hill is acting as anchorman as Weds is his day off – contact him for details


Today, Steve, Chris B, Tony and Jon took advantage of a sunny morning and went to Whiteways Cafe at Bury Hill.As Jon was leading it inevitably involved some ‘scenic routes’ (almost off road riding down single track roads where they don’t use white lines – just stretches of gravel)  – “must have missed the communication about coming on a trail bike” quipped Tony“mmm interesting route – quite a lot of hazards” observed Chris.
And we knew that the A29 further on would always provide an enjoyable ride on a nice flat smooth bit of Tarmac.Tea, more tea, snacks and ice creams were devoured and we just about made it home before the rains came.


I had promised myself that I would use the bike more this year – what a challenge that has been!

But let’s at least try to start a new month in the right way.

Four of us (all on Hondas !) met up close to the M25 in time for a quick cup of tea (outside of course) before setting off.

Very little of the day was spent on any Motorway – in fact some of the roads were barely wide enough for a bike.

This was indeed a test of character and a good way of keeping fresh your riding skills.

You know when you are out on a ride and you think to yourself “what would be the worst place to meet a vehicle coming the other 

way on this road ?” – and there it is !

We had tractors,enormous lorries,convoys of cars,caravans,emergency vehicles on calls and trailers but we took it all in our stride

and arrived safe and well at Whiteways Cafe for more tea and perhaps something from the (limited) selection of food.

Of course the toilets were closed,but,to be fair,we could not blame this on the current lockdown,but on local council cutbacks.

We men improvised,but I’m not sure if the ladies would have found it so easy.

But at least we all agreed that weekday ride outs were a good idea and that we should do it more often.

The route back was a bit more “progressive” and we managed to get home before a rather heavy downpour.

Chris Bradshaw