West London Go All Dick Dastardly at Goodwood

Sunday 2nd October was one of those days when it was all about the weather.

The forecast was spot on – they said there would be rain in the morning – and there was.

That didn’t stop Petar and Maria and a couple of their friends joining Jude and Jon in attending a Goodwood Breakfast meeting.

The intrepid Charles Deakin, never one to be put off by an hour’s ride in the rain ‘it’s only water’ soon joined us as we tucked into some rather good giant hot dog/sausage rolls and coffee.

Earlier, Petar had joked ‘he would be the most determined of anyone’ to have his VFR on display – not just idle words – he and Maria left home about 5.30am.

This meeting was also to include some unconventional vehicles – like Dick Dastardly’s Mean Machine fromWacky Races.

Then again, at 11.30am. the forecast was once more spot on as the clouds rolled away and the bravehearts were rewarded by a blue sky dry ride home.

Jon Stone