North London “Checking It Out”

Hello Folks….

North London ‘Check it out’

Sunday 2nd October turned out to be a rather pleasant day and nine of the ‘Finest’ of North London were led by Robin on a great Ride that took in some fine countryside on the way to St Neots for coffee at the nice Ambience cafe on the Riverside.

If you haven’t been there then you should ‘check it out’. Due to issues of time moving on relentlessly and impatiently, we then took a direct route to Market Deeping, hoping to eat at the Iron Horse cafe, but it had some function on and we could not get in! The Rotters!

Anyway we parked in Market Deeping and found a nice place to eat together and consider whether we could ‘taste the difference’ between here and other cafes.

Our route home was really good using the 1040, A1198 and A10 with a stop for petrol at a good price ‘every little helps’.

A great day and our next significant Event is our three nights away in Somerset.

Thank you Robin.

There is a hidden theme in this story, bet you can’t guess it🤔…