West London Branch Just Milling About

On a bright October Sunday morning the 16th the West London branch gathered in a wonderful woodland setting at Ockham Bites (just off the A3 near M25 junction 10) which has ample parking and great food selection from the café.

From Ockham we took a scenic route to The Mill At Elstead heading through numerous little villages with old architecture aplenty, some open spaces with postcard views and an odd little single-track lanes all led by daniel walton.

Upon arrival into the car park via a beautifully styled bridge which held the cobbled roadway we progressed along the view opened along with my jaw at the sight of the 17th century renovated mill sat astride the river.

We met welcomed Martin and Barbara who are local who arrived on their silver Blackbird, we all went in to The Mill at Elstead for a great meal and natter, I couldn’t recommend anywhere better service, food fantastic.

From here we split our different ways to saunter off home in the Autumn sun with full bellies and wide grins.

In attendance: Dan Walton, Jude Browne, Jon Stone, Charles Deakin, Bill Turner, Steve Hill, Steve Cribbin, John Flynn, Marcus Wilkins.

Written by Daniel Walton