North London Visit Poo

North London visit Pooh

The day was Sunday 3rd April.

The weather was fresh and dry and we needed a change from our usual routes into Suffolk and beyond.

Richard was the man who stepped up to the plate and after a meet at McDees five of us went sowf and crossed the Dartford Bridge.

We came off the big roads and negotiated a fine route to Hastings via Tenterden, at Hastings we had fine fish and chips in Rock-a-Nore Road at the Mermaid. Lovely there.

We got a bit lost next but some good roads, some tried twice!, took us to Hartfield. For me this was the highlight of the day as we had a fine afternoon tea with Pooh and his friends.

It was a veritable pilgrimage of profound significance.

Thank you Ron for treating us. In reflective mood we made our way home.

You can find some nice roads in Kent after all I thought. A lovely day indeed.
Ta Steve