North London Branch Barge in

The barge in question was not a Harley or a Goldwing! But a real barge! (Washing my mouth out with soap presently). But first the prelude....
27th September was, superficially, a normal grey, dull, autumn day when a select group of Noorf London based riders met up at McDonalds for a day out on their two wheeled friends. After some jolly banter I lead them on one of our favourite roads through Ongar and Dunmow, then onto Coggeshall and Tiptree, before crossing over to Mersea Island. The lovely ride had transformed the day into a veritable smorgasbord of general delight. To enhance things further we had a light meal in one of our favourite haunts, the Blackwater Pearl on West Mersea. After more engrossing tête-à-tête the six of us took the lovely road down the coast to Maldon sea front where we had afternoon tea and cakes on the pleasant Barge Tea Room. This is also one of our favourites and added a nautical theme to the day. There was no argy bargy here, just more pleasant banter. From here we used the A414, generally, to get home. Despite the dull weather and a lot of wind, more than usual even, we had added colour and a fine sense of Bon viveur to the day, splitting up with heavy hearts but with the joyful thought of many more such occasions to come..