East Midlands Hit the Peaks and Darley Moor Race Track

Sunday morning 7am weather looking rather iffy but decided not to let anyone down, up we got and got ready for the day ahead.

Off we set around 8am heading for Ripley in Derbyshire to meet up with anyone else who decided to turn up, Mcdonalds was the chosen location by our leader today James Davies.

Well the weather did pick up rather quickly, out came the sun before we set off, 8 bikes it was and a total of 11, being led by Jim on a great route through nice twisty’s in the Derbyshire Peaks, with road closures more than once didn’t deter our group leader Jim, he just turned us around and headed off in another direction and finally arriving at our first coffee and cake stop, Monayash.

Off we got, fed and watered, a few pics taken, weather was beautiful.

Off we set again through some real nice roads through the Peaks, then arriving at Darley Moor race track where Jim was taking us for the afternoon.

Some great racing was on, some Manx bikes, go karts, side cars plus many more, there was even an off by 2 riders, thankfully the both walked away, some of us had taken a picnic and sat on the elevated bank while other had burgers and chips but all and all we all had a great day. 

We then said our goodbyes and headed of in separate directions, some North & Some South, all arrived home safely, can’t wait till our next.

We even gained a new member
Welcome Lauren Davie.

Graham Brown