West London Branch out and about

Since last report we have been out and about as always. As Rykas at Box Hill are open until later on Weds evening in summer we thought we would try an evening burger run. It was well attended and we sat and enjoyed a Rykas burger in the late evening sunshine.

Our last run was to the Solent MCC Rally which is held at a fort in Portsmouth. Always a very chilled affair it is bikes only and camping. This year they celebrated their 50th year of holding the rally (so Hawaii 5-0 was the theme) with a special beer price of £1.50  a pint for each of three real ales (Jon was happy to be reunited with his ‘Old Dick’ ) They also managed to provide some amazing live entertainment over 2 days with several local bands and the members of the local CosPlay group. Also unlikely though it sounds a magician bamboozled all of us and in particular Steve – his ‘volunteer’……How did he do that Steve??

A group of us will be attending the National Rally later this month. We have a full programme of runs which can be found  on our website and Facebook page.

If you are in our area—we would love to meet you so please come on down and say hello.