The HOWL’ers Join the RBL Riders for a Ride of Respect.

On Sunday 13/11/22 we saw five HOWL members with early starts on three separate routes converge on Southsea Common.

Along the mist-erious fog filled journey managing to avoid lycra clad groups of cyclists with no lights and the usual silver/grey cars suddenly appearing out of the fog also no lights.

But near the end of the trip approaching the south coast the sun dazzled through lifting the fog blanket for some stunning views and sunny warmth.

We were held in a staging area before being marshalled on to Southsea Common by members of The Royal British Legion Riders to park ready for the Remembrance service at the Naval Memorial.

With upwards of 800 bikes/scooters/trikes we could see why they call it the biggest ride in service in the south.

I myself (Dan Walton) who has been to many services became very overwhelmed, humbled to be in  the comfort of remembering our lost in the comfort of the biking community.

After a bite to eat at the Waterfront tea rooms we then set out on our different journeys home in the glorious sunshine.

In attendance: Dan Walton (west London branch secretary), Jude Browne (HOC President), Jon Stone, Steve Cribben (HOC Classic secretary), Charles Deakin

By Dan Walton