Steve’s Posh Birthday Breckie

Fact Bikers love a good fry up, but today (Sunday 8th Jan) eight Howlers went upmarket, with a ride to Reigate
 and a visit to Bill’s restaurant for brunch.

Avocado On Sourdough, Smoked Salmon and Scrambled Egg, Eggs Royale were the order of the day, but we had the
perfect excuse to celebrate as it was Stephen Hill’s 65th birthday.

Steve seemingly had reserved parking for his Blackbird right outside
 the front door, as the red carpet was laid down in his honour.

It is a tradition introduced by Dan Walton that Howl birthdays are celebrated with candlelit Colin the Caterpillar

Huge thanks to the staff at Bill’s who delivered it to the table to make the event special.

There was lots of jovial chat over some fine food, coffee and tea flavoured with bergamot. 

Talk turned to Charles’ planned spring trip to Ypres and some persuasion from Jon (Stone) to birthday boy that this should be the year he finally takes a bike to Europe. Watch this space!

Whilst we managed to arrive in Reigate at 11am pretty dry, we left to make our way home through persistent rain.

John Flynn.