North London Do The Double

Hello Folks!

North London do the Double

The weekend of 2-3rd July featured two great social occasions for the North London mob.

On the Saturday evening Richard had organised a great night out for us all at the Plume of Feathers pub near Harlow to celebrate his upcoming 70th birthday.

It was a very pleasant social Event where we met other members of his family and enjoyed his hospitality.

On Sunday nine of us travelled to Honda day at the Ace Cafe with Richard on one of his two Blackbirds.

We had a bite to eat there, a look around and met other Club members.

Dave then led us on a nice Ride Out through Amersham, Bendover (or was it Wendover….), then to Tring for a last tea stop.

I then led homeward bound via Hemel and Hertford. A great weekend.