Norfolk Branch at Lions Charity Fete Sunday 7th August 2022

We were invited back to the Lion’s Charity Fete once again following

the Covid restrictions and managed to muster a group of seven bikes from

HOC members and friends.

We were joined by Freda in her car, bringing a gazebo giving us

much-needed shade and Michelle in her van supplying us with bacon rolls

and coffee which were also very welcome, so thank you ladies for that.

Once the fete was open, we had a steady stream of people round, looking

at the bikes, asking questions, and telling stories of “back in the


Mark and Michelle’s son, Josh

kindly spent time with us during the day and his bike bolstered our

line up to eight solos.

Phil was busy demonstrating all the bells and

whistles on his Gold Wing to anyone who stopped

to admire his bike, and there were quite a few.

Most of us took the

time to wander around the stalls and attractions including Andy, who

returned with an armful of ice lollies to keep us cool,

thanks Andy.

We received a visit from a couple of the Lions committee members who

thanked us for our efforts and as the crowds began to diminish, we

slowly began to pack up,

answered a few more queries then returned by various routes to our

homes, a very successful day.

Thank you all who came, giving your time freely to support the Lions

charity and answer so many questions.