(No) Trouble at t’Mill for HOWL

On Sunday 5th November West London had planned to go to The Mill at Elstead, a favourite haunt, but our plans were nearly sunk because there had been ”trouble at t’ Mill”.

The trouble was the recent extended spell of heavy rain which meant that this picturesque location which is tucked into an Islet on the river Wey had been flooded and needed to cancel bookings.

However to paraphrase, on this one day, ”the sun shone on the righteous” and we splashed our way through the receding puddles of the Surrey lanes in brilliant sunshine.

Our early booking meant the seven of us enjoyed a variety of Sunday roasts in comfort as the place became more and more busy around us.

Due to some Sat Nav malfunctions (Dan’s was playing up and I forgot to bring mine) our group was valiantly lead in by Bill on his Harley – a first for the group! Great to meet up with Barbara and Martin again

Jon Stone