ManHoc Join the M60 Ring of Red.

Remembrance Day Rideout – 13th November 2022– making a Ring of Red around M60 – with 4000 plus bikers at Birch Services West.

This meant that we had to queue for 15 mins on the slip road before we could even get parked at the services, an hour before the start!!

The morning started with bacon butts and coffees at Greggs, Pilsworth, and then 10min ride onto the crowded service’s slip road.

With a staggered, noisy start from 1pm, the huge parade, donning red jumpers and flying the flags endeavoured to create a ring of red around the M60.

Well lead by Phil, there were many well-wishers from the pavements and from many of the bridges, waving back to us.

The sun shone all day and it was a wonderful respectful day, with many old faces from the club joining our group. The day was complete with a final meet up at Mayfield Rugby Club, guided by our shepherd.

The club, made us very welcome with a coffee and burgers for a fiver!

thanks for pics from Juels, Rich and Rob.

Cheers – Malc