ManHoc Head out for a Mooch

Sunday 19th February 2023 Manhoc Adhoc to Derbyshire –

This was an extra ride in our calendar, organised my our chairman Phil, “Sir”, when he saw a dry and sunny forecast for Sunday.

Starting from Mottram, Hyde “let’s have a mooch”.

We will go to The Old Smithy, Monyash for coffee and cake then see what we “wanna do” from there.

And so it was. Then following another plan, there after it was onto the Tram Museum at Crich.

Unfortunately, the main road entrance was closed. Followed their detour, only to find when we landed that the place was still closed for winter!!! Where to go next?

Our Shepherd knew of places in nearby Leek where we could lunch.

So, after a hearty pub roast it was then homeward bound, and a final decision to ride in the direction of Buxton, for a run over the Cat and Fiddle and final coffees at Pops.

Great day, excellent company,12 bikes and so many “twists turns and decisions”!!!!