HOC Have a Brilliant Motorcycle Live Show 2021

Given the still difficult times we are in, and numbers being very much down on 2019 when we had our last Motorcycle Live show, we actually beat 2019’s new members joining…only by 4, but under the circumstances, we will definitely take the win. We actually ended up with a bigger stand than we paid for free of charge because they couldn’t sell the little space next to us. Lots of companies that are usually at the show weren’t and as I said before, numbers were considerably down on the previous show, so for us to actually gain so many new family members, is just awesome. We were giving away our usual goodie bags, but this year there was the added incentive of every 20th new member received a free 60th anniversary Baseball Cap, which as you can see in the pictures, went down very well. So all in all, a brilliant show for us.

As a lot of you know or may have guessed, I couldn’t actually attend the show this year due to ill health, which upset me so much as after all the organising and doing this for 17 years, other than last year which was cancelled anyway, this is the first year I have ever missed setting up and working on the stand all week. So to hand my baby over and let others do the setting up and breakdown etc for me was very tough and stressful. I sent Phil and Mared off on the Friday (3rd) to set the stand up for me complete with instructions and old pictures so they knew what sort of thing I do each year. Going off the pictures, I think they did a fab job, so looks like I’m not needed anymore!!

My excellent team of volunteers worked tirelessly all week to get 119 new members to join and sell lots of regalia and goodies, so thank you all for you hard work.

So onto the thanks……..

Biggest thanks have to go to Phil Bell, Mared Davies and Graham Gull for setting the stand up for me, you guys did an amazing job.

Next, thanks to Graham Gull and Mared Davies for holding down the fort and rallying the troops for the whole duration of the show…9 days….Mared, now you know how tough it is lol. But you guys deserved your power naps.

Then onto my wonderful volunteers, who each year do me and the Club so proud with your professionalism and banter pulling in new members and selling lots of regalia…so to the following, thank you from the bottom of my heart for looking after the stand and club in my absence…..these are in order of days worked!!
















You are all legends and again I thank you all so much.

And just as important if not more….as without you, we wouldn’t have this wonderful family…..a MASSIVE WELCOME to all our new members. I hope you get out there and enjoy everything our Club has to offer. We are 60 years old this year and with your efforts and contributions, we will live to see another 60 years to celebrate all over again.

Last thanks have to go to Honda UK and Andy Smith for the loan of their bikes for the stand. We had a theme of, year we started as a club, to this year celebrating our 60 years. So there was Andy’s gorgeous CA72 American import from 1961 and loaned by Honda UK was a brand spanking new CB500F. They got a lot of attention for the stand, so again thank you from the bottom of my heart for loaning them to us to display.

Have fun and stay safe everyone.

Have a very Merry Christmas and New Year from everyone at the HOC. And hopefully see you on the other side.

Love Rona xx