The Howlers are up at Silly o’clock for Breakfast at Goodwood.

Goodwood Breakfast Club – Supercar Day

Six Howl members arranged their free tickets online to attend this wonderful event. The ride to get there is memorable enough but on arrival the scale of the event ‘blew me away’.

It requires an early start as the gates open at 7am it is the “breakfast club” for good reason.

But at least this means there is less traffic on the roads. It is a joy to ride the A272, it really is biking nirvana when there is no slow moving traffic. We rode towards Petworth before turning south.  The road has a few hairpins just past Duncton and then rises steeply to reach the summit of the South Downs. On arrival at the Motor Circuit motorcycles had VIP parking just yards from the action.

I will admit that the sight of hundreds of very, very expensive cars does not quicken my pulse as much as motorcycles that cost a fraction of the price, but you couldn’t fail to be impressed by the hardware on display here.

Just being in this iconic home and being able to roam freely around all its paddocks, grandstands, pits and of course the track is something not to be missed.

John Flynn