Northants EOR 06-07-22

On Weds 6th July Northants branch members met up for our EOR (every other run) a fortnightly rideout we do throughout summer/ April-September in the evening, 

8 bikes and one scooter met at the BP fuel garage at Desborough,  the scooter because Karen couldn’t get her bike going so she decided to turn up on her vesper 300, which surprisingly kept up with most of us especially me, but I did remind everyone it’s not a race, and I hung back to wait for her, as she was rear marker we had to, that’s my story anyway,

Anyway getting back to the ride, we MUFO 7.30pm for a 1hr 40mile ride around Northants and Leicestershire led by Mick ending up at the White Horse, Stoke Albany for some refreshment and a few laughs, thanks to Mick for planning and leading a great ride, all b roads, and Karen for doing rear marker, great ride, good laughs and beer.

Cheers Tony.