North London Visit Benson for a Brew

Hi There….
North London visit Benson.

On 22nd May Keith kindly led a Ride leaving Hatfield Tesco’s which took us West through Hemel Hempstead and the Magic Roundabout to a nice cafe at Benson on the Thames.

A similar route took us back and we stopped at a favourite cafe in Tring for afternoon coffee and cake.

We had good weather but traffic was fairly busy and we were seven bikes and eight persons.

We extend a warm welcome to Dan and his daughter Isabella who joined us for the first time.

It was a very pleasant and sociable day and our routes took us through, not in any order, Princess Risborough, Chinoor, Kampala and Great Missenden. (One of those is a red herring, but which one heh?).

Another great day out.
Regards Steve.