Manhoc’s Tights come Down

Ride to Stump Cross Caverns Sunday 7th April 

Starting from our usual Rising Bridge Macs at 10.30am, it was up and over into the Yorkshire Dales, in great weather, via Skipton, onto Greenhow Hill for our lunch stop at the Caverns.

A visit to the caverns was a must and donning our safety helmets and torches, we headed down 65 steps to the spectacular limestone formations.

The passageways leading to the open areas, in parts, were quite tight.  We were treated to fascinating structures, which our guide told us were still evolving.  

The cave system is between Wharfedale and Nidderdale in North Yorkshire with one mile open to the public, but extending 4miles.  

Formed 5000000yrs ago, and discovered in 1860.

Above ground we now found it had been raining but it was straight back on the bikes.  

The return route continued over the great biking roads of the National Park, past Bolton Abbey and back onto the A59 to Macs at Clitheroe, BB7 9WF, for final coffee, cakes and hugs.

A fun educational ride.