HOC (GB) Party into their 61st year

The fact that this rally happened at all is a minor miracle as we had to contend with Covid and a change of contact at the site which meant that a lot of what had been promised did not materialise. However, in true HOC Can-Do spirit this was nudged back on course and a Plan B put into action. The Friday of the National Rally was thankfully dry and Jennie and Kim managed to book in almost all our rally goers by about 9pm. The Marshals directing the bikes loved their job so much they refused to leave and did a great job of welcoming people in. By 5.30pm the Devon Food Co. crew were serving a variety of locally sourced burgers and sausages and veggie options to an appreciative bunch of  bikers. Sterling job by these guys—give them a review on www.facebook.com/devonfoodco.co.uk/ Having been fed, thoughts turned to drink and so some congregated in the bar for drinks a catch-up with mates and dancing—and boy do we have some talent in our club 🙂 After a great evening in the site bar some sleep was needed in preparation for the ride-out in the morning. This had been planned and run by Dave, Charlie & Sam of Devon branch (thanks guys!). I didn’t go on this run but I believe that a good time was had by all and as far as I know no-one had a mishap or got lost.  The Saturday event was a bit of a break in tradition with everyone being bussed in to the Bradworthy Village Hall.  It was a little snug in the hall but if you overlooked that it did get people to socialise!  The RiverKites band as usual were most excellent and got everyone up and dancing-or seat dancing. Truly a party atmosphere and a fitting celebration of our 60th Anniversary. Sunday evening was more relaxed (everyone looked knackered!) with a cold buffet and a challenging quiz followed by a raffle which raised a staggering £516 for the Blood Bikers well done all for digging deep.  A lovely chilled atmosphere It was then back to the site  for a good sleep in preparation for an early departure. All in all I think we managed to celebrate the 60th Anniversary well and roll on next years rally—wherever that may be and very many thanks to EVERYONE who helped organise and run this years rally—you know who you are it wouldn’t have happened without you.  And lastly – a massive thank you to everyone who braved the petrol crisis/Covid/health issues etc to be with us—you are the true stars! A full report and many pictures will be in the next edition of Golden Wing.