Gloucester Breakfast Meet 17th December

Today marked a special and memorable occasion for the Honda Owner’s Club Gloucestershire branch, as we held our final breakfast meet of the year at The Friar Tucks.

Eight of our members, united by their enthusiasm for Honda motorcycles, came together for this gathering. Over delicious breakfasts, we engaged in friendly conversations, reflecting on past adventures and discussing future plans.

Sadly, not all our members could make it, and their absence was felt among us.

We missed having them there and look forward to seeing them at future events.

As we bid farewell, the festive atmosphere set in with wishes of a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

We’re excited about 2024, hopeful for great riding weather that will reunite us.

This anticipation fuels our passion for exploring new roads and making more lasting memories.

Here’s to the journeys we’ve shared and those that lie ahead.

Until we meet again next year, stay safe and keep the spirit of the Honda Owner’s Club Gloucestershire branch alive and well! ��️����