Get Your Motors Running

Maddy, daughter of one of our members – Martin Haenlein – is making a name for herself (performing as Gretel Hanlyn) in the music industry. Her manager had engaged a production team to make a video to help promote her latest recording. We were asked to round up some biker extras for this and so, on Saturday 20th November, 19 bikes met up at The Riverside Cafe on the A4 to provide a backdrop.  Jude put the word out to several clubs and accordingly West London were joined by Rinku from The Hanwell & Ealing Club and approx 4 members of the Desi (London) bike club. The make-up department had done a fantastic job on Martin and his wife Paula and as soon the director took charge, we were in action being filmed in a series of different scenes. An entertaining day was had by all – we’re all looking forwards to viewing the result in the New Year. Special thanks to Keith Roberts for making the long journey across town from Dartford.

Jon Stone