60th Anniversary Regalia Starts Hitting the Headlines…see what I did there!

The new 60th Anniversary Baseball Caps having started hitting peoples heads and they just could’t wait to show them off. Many thanks to Mark Pendlebury, Paula Wilde, Tim Hayton and Tony Surridge for modelling them so beautifully.

There will be more to come…Lapel Badges, Woven Patches, Stickers inside and out, Tankards, Goblets, Hi-ball Glasses and all of the Clothing will be available with the 60th Logo on. Once I have everything in my possession I will photograph it, get hubby to put it on the website in one neat folder with all 60th in one place and then I will get it all advertised everywhere in one go.

Hope you like everything on offer, it is a very special year for our Family and let’s hope we get plenty of opportunity to get out there and show the world our Limited Edition 60th Anniversary Regalia as well as all the reasons why this Club is the Best and why it has lasted so long.

Love Rona xx