Wishing the Honda Owners Club GB a Very Very Happy 60th Anniversary Year in 2021.

Wishing the Honda Owners Club GB a Very Very Happy 60th Anniversary Year in 2021. As far as we are aware, we are the oldest Honda Owners Club in the world and our longevity and success has only happened with all the hard work and dedication of the volunteers who through the main committee and at Branch level, have created a nearly 2000 strong family ( some as far ranging as California, France and Germany) that people of all ages, backgrounds etc, can come together on their Honda’s ( and non Honda’s, we don’t turf family members out just because they have a different make of bike…especially as most will still have a Honda anyway), and have a fab time. We are not owned by Honda, we are a completely separate entity run by people who love their brand of bikes. This success has also been achieved by the members who show up to meetings, rides, holidays, rallies, shows and events and join in to make it a big friendly place to be. Where families, singles, couples can all share in the passion we all love….Honda Motorcycles!

This year all our usual National events will be ramped up in celebration of this massive milestone and we also have other specific 60th anniversary events to hopefully ( Covid allowing) look forward to.

All our range of clothing will be available with the diamond anniversary logo (as seen here) on as well. I will be getting samples done as soon as our supplier is open after New Year and get them photographed and onto the website asap for you to buy. I will also be getting the Glassware range done as well. Any other ideas of one off items to have the 60th logo on please shout, but bare in mind costs to the club, it has to be something that will sell in quite a short time period and sell well. There will also be a slightly different National Rally specific logo to be sold in advance and to be collected at the National Rally only, so only Rally going members will be able to buy those items.

So let’s all keep everything crossed that we as a nation and world can get rid of this awful virus that has plagued us for the last 12 months, and that our 60th Anniversary year will be the biggest and best yet and we can all get together and start having fun again.

To conclude,….Myself, the Committee, Branch Secretaries and all our wonderful family, would like to wish one and all A VERY HAPPY, FUN, BIKING FILLED 2021!!! Let’s beat this and get on with the merriment. xx