When Henry and Alan (off the telly) met Sean and Karen (from the Wiltshire Branch)

On a (rare) sunny and warm weekend, back in May, we took a ride out to The Classic Motor Hub in Bibury (in the Cotswolds) to attend their “Ride-it Day”.

Henry Cole must’ve heard that we were going to be there and so unsurprisingly rocked up, along with Alan Millyard.

But seriously, we managed to get an introduction through a chance meeting in the coffee shop.

We had great craic, getting some top tips from Henry for a Route 66 trip that Karen and I are planning to do in a couple of years time, and he and Alan both signed my copy of Henry’s book, “A Biker’s Life”.

I’d thoroughly recommend a trip to this little gem of a place if you’re ever in or around the Cotswolds, you could even run into a local celeb on one of his regular trips there.

Henry Cole goes there too sometimes 😉