West London Branch Head to Brighton

Sunday 5th Sep, the mercury rose to 26c, perfect for a day at the seaside! West London branch had arranged two starting points for the annual Ace Cafe Brighton Burn Up. For the thrill seekers amongst us it had to be to get up early and head for the Ace, for the sensible ones a meeting was arranged in the Surrey Hills, for a leisurely ride down through scenic countryside. The sensible ones outnumbered the thrill seekers four to one. Four went the distance, including Martin Haenlien on his 1971 CB750. It had a lot of attention. Martin pulled his white “ish” socks over his boots to complete the look. Sixteen riders made it down, most able to meet up despite the chaos of thousands of bikers. Special mention to Vijay Thampy who, unable to ride, drove down with his children. 

John Flynn