Very Successful “Club” Zoom Meeting

At 8pm on the 27th January 2021 Tony Surridge from the West London Branch hosted a “Club” Zoom Meeting which was attended by nearly 50 members of the HOC. It’s the first time most of us have seen each in a year, so was fab to see all those faces even if I did miss my hugs. Mike from the West London Branch hosted a brilliant Quiz as well after all the introductions were over. Lots of catch ups, laughs, chats about more events for this year (fingers crossed), and it went on for about 3 hours. Was well worth the club investing in a more usable Zoom. Don’t forget ALL BRANCHES CAN LOG INTO THE MAIN HOC ZOOM ACCOUNT AND HOST THEIR OWN BRANCH MEETINGS!!!!! Just speak to Tony via facebook and he can set you up, start the meeting off and then hand over hosting to the Branch Secretary, and away you go. You can have as long a meeting as you like. I know it’s not the same as being in the pub and having a real life catch up….we will get back there….but at least you can still keep all your branch members up to date on any plans, have a natter and a catch up, and even hold a Quiz to make it more fun. The Virtual World is your oyster.

Many thanks to Tony for hosting, Jude and Jon for Co-hosting, Mike for the Quiz, Claire Jolly for the photos and all the nearly 50 members for the laughs and making people feel a lot better in these uncertain times.

We are looking at doing this once a month at the end of each month, details will be emailed to Branch Secretaries and put up on Facebook on the main page and Members only page, so keep your eyes out for those messages. Let’s make this a massive monthly event until circumstances allow us to get together in person again!! Hope to see loads more of you next time….at the moment looking like 24th February, but will confirm when I know.

Great catch up!!