The Howlers Visit the Dave Thomas Collection

Sunday 18th of June was forecast to bring storms of biblical proportions with frogs and pestilence thrown in, but in the end as is also mentioned in that book ‘the sun shines on the righteous’. And so it was that seven from West London, fortified by breakfast at Loomies Moto Cafe were treated to a fascinating day with Dave Thomas as he shared his Honda passions with us.

One of the most striking things about his love of his collection is that it is not based on performance and pristine condition.

His wide and varied collection, is a testimony to Honda’s philosophy of striving to develop and innovate. Each bike has its own endearing tale.

I won’t name each model, because there are too many to list here, but see what you can identify.

So, thanks to Dave and Jane for their hospitality – including a cream tea (cream first then the jam)!

A great day out.
Jon Stone