North Wales Members Ride to Betws y Coed

We don’t have a North Wales Branch in the HOC at the moment, but a few of us got together to have a play on our first Sunday of freedom here in Wales… we only got allowed to move more than 5 miles from home on Monday (6th July 2020). The weather was gorgeous, so Phil and I left the house at 8am. After filling up with petrol and having a natter with a lovely old gent who was admiring Phil’s bike after we came out of the petrol station shop, we headed off to meet up with the others on the A494. We arrived smack on time only to realise after about 10 mins, that we were in the wrong layby….so off we trots up the road a bit further to the correct one. All introductions and hello’s made, we were a 6 bike group, making our way behind Phil along Phil’s favourite route. First stop was Llyn Brenig for a loo stop, natter, few piccies and snacks/drinks, then it was off to Betws y Coed for another stop. Think we got there at just the right time, as not so long after there was an influx of bikes and nowhere to park…so glad we got there when we did. More piccies, natters, drinks and snacks were had and then we headed off to LLanwrst to take the A548 to Abergele. Phil’s favourite road….unfortunately he was on Scooter {CBF1000} and he’s a totally different animal to Rizzy {929 Fireblade} and Phil is still getting used to him [he only bought him 2 weeks ago}, so the going wasn’t as quick as Phil would normally take that road, but as I was still nervous myself and we had the guys with us, that was probably a good thing. Quick stop in Abergele for our goodbyes and then Phil and I took the coast road home. Despite my mistakes, I really hope everyone enjoyed it, I was very nervous, so it was quite hard work for me, hence why I didn’t enjoy it as much as I should have….also it’s only the second time I have done that route on my own bike…the last time being about 6 years ago!!

Anyway, thank you to Phil for leading and talking me through things…and to Mared Davies and his friends for the company and for being patient with me. Hope to do it again sometime.

Love Rona Bell xx