Gloucester visit The Twisted Iron Café

What a Sunday we had, folks! Our little brigade of ten convened at Friar Tucks for a breakfast of champions. Laughs, bacon, and plans for the ride ahead – the perfect start to any biker’s day.

Then, six of us, with Alan at the helm, set off for the main event.

True to biker adventures, we took a ‘scenic’ detour thanks to a cheeky navigation mishap – ended up blessing a quiet dead-end street with the rumble of our engines.

Nothing like a little unexpected detour to get the neighbours’ curtains twitching! Quick laugh, a recalculated route, and off we were again.

The Twisted Iron Café did not disappoint. Bikes galore – a real feast for the eyes – and the coffee? Strong enough to kickstart a dead battery, though for the price, we wouldn’t have minded a few more sips in the cup.

We chewed the fat for a good hour, sharing stories and making memories.

Then, with a tip of the hat, we bid our goodbyes and hit the road back home.

Great company, a few extra turns, and the open road – can’t ask for much more.

Until next time, ride safe and keep the shiny side up!