Gloucester Branch Hit The Lock’s (And the Canal Barge still gets there before Jimmy)

Today, on a crisp Sunday, the 14th of April, four adventurous souls from the Gloucestershire Honda Owner’s Club gathered at Morrison’s in Tewkesbury, setting out for a memorable ride to Hatton Locks in Warwick. The weather was just right – nice and dry, not too cold, perfect for a day on the bikes.

Our journey to Warwick was thoroughly enjoyable.

Upon arrival at Hatton Locks, we immersed ourselves in the charm of the historic locks and the picturesque canal boats. Our explorations led us to the Hatton Locks Café, where we treated ourselves to a hearty breakfast bap and a warm cup of tea.

The ride home included a planned stop at Evesham Country Park for a quick bite at the biker cafe, but our navigation had other ideas, and we missed the turn. Not to be deterred, our adventure continued until we stumbled upon a welcoming food van along the way. Here, we paused for another round of tea, relishing in the unexpected stop that only added to our day’s stories.

With our spirits and teacups replenished, we resumed our journey home. The route back was particularly scenic, with winding roads enveloped in warm sunshine, making for a very enjoyable end to our ride.

All in all, it was a fantastic day out with the bikes – great company, beautiful views, and a couple of unplanned detours that only added to the adventure. Already looking forward to our next outing!