Gloucester Branch don’t Hold back on the Breakfast.

On an otherwise ordinary Sunday, the 21st of January 2024, the Gloucestershire branch of the Honda Owner’s Club convened for what has become a cherished ritual: the breakfast meet at the Friar Tucks Inn.

Among the seven who gathered, one brave soul rode in on a motorbike, defying the chill of a January morning, whilst the rest of us, perhaps less daring or just sensibly averse to the cold, arrived encased in the more conventional comfort of cars.

The breakfast, as has become the expected standard at Friar Tucks, was splendid, the kind of meal that reminds you life can be good before 10 a.m., and even better with a full belly.

The conversation, lubricated by tea, coffee and the clinking of cutlery, meandered through various topics, eventually anchoring on the exciting prospects of upcoming bike meets slated for February and the months that follow.

The spirit of adventure was palpable, with murmurs of a possible ride the following weekend, should the weather gods bestow upon us a day devoid of the usual British drizzle.

As plates were cleared and last sips of tea savoured, we bid an early farewell to Keith, who slipped away not for obligations mundane, but to undertake training as a blood-bike courier, a noble endeavour that rightfully earned our collective nod of respect and best wishes.