Essex Branch go Super for Sausages

Sunday 19th July 2020.

On today’s ride there was 7 bikes and eight members. To see us off there was also 3 members who couldn’t ride with us today.

On the ride were Ashley, Kate & Ian, Mike W, Gabe, Liam, and Jon. Gabe had his son, Alex, come along as a pillion. Jon being a new member to the EHOC, welcome Jon.

Seeing us off was Jeff, Chloe & Chris.

The weather today started off being overcast with a little drizzle, but as the day went on the sun came out with broken cloud.

We set off for out morning coffee stop, which was to be Baldock Services.

We rode via the A414 via Harlow to the A10, Buntingford and the Baldock bends.

We arrived at Baldock Services and stopped for our break.

We then continued out journey to the Super Sausage Cafe riding via the A507 to the M1 then onto the A421. We continued to Buckingham then back to the A5 and the Super Sausage.

We parked up and had lunch. As you can see from the picture the sky was now blue with fluffy white clouds.

Following lunch we got ready to depart when Liam smelt burning coming from his bike. He quickly switched the bike off and established that an electrical connector under his tank was melting.

After examining the situation Gabe and Liam had the tank off the bike and set about cutting the connector out of the loom. Other riders present came forward to assist where they could. One of them carried some spare wire with him on his bike. This was used to by-pass the connector which had just been cut out of the loom. After a 2 work repair the tank was put back on the bike and it was started up. The bike fired up and all seemed to be ok with the bike now.

Here is a picture of Gabe working on the bike and the burnt out connector.

We then started our return journey home. We stopped again at Baldock services for a drink and to say our goodbyes.

The last leg of the journey home saw people peeling off where necessary for their home,

Another great day out with the guys and gals from the Essex Branch. Well done everybody.

And a big well done to Gabe for repairing Liam’s bike.

I completed 213.7 miles today, door to door.

Until the next ride, stay safe.

Roland.     Branch Secretary.