Classic Dating Service

Dating Certificates from the HOC so that you can obtain a new V5 from the DVLA

Please note that we can only provide this service for bikes over 25 years old!

If you have an older Honda that you need to register with the DVLA then the HOC can help, email our Classic Dating Officer, Andy, at for further details.

We have two options (click to download either form):

For UK bikes with no documents and imported vehicles (interactive pdf version)

V765 application for UK bikes to retain original registration (interactive pdf version)

Simply download the form, complete it and then email or post it to Andy together with all the required support information.

If you’ve already been in touch with Andy then you can pay for our classic dating service via our online shop by clicking here, or by bank transfer. During the current situation we are not accepting payments by cheque.

A bit about Andy:

“Sitting at the back of the school bus in 1975 I heard this wonderful burble, the rider just opened the throttle and off he went with the throaty roar of a 4 into 1 exhaust in my ear. So my introduction to the 400 four went, leading to a life long love of motorbikes. A year later I was riding a FS1E followed by a CB125T on the day that they were released in the UK. Nine months later, having past my test, my dreams came true – a varnish blue 400/4. Ermentrude was my daily ride for four years and, apart from a few breaks caused by marital strife, I have owned bikes ever since. My real love is the fours of the 70’s, particularly the 350/4 and 400/4. I stopped counting how many bikes I have at 26, most of them Hondas but I have at least one of each of the big four manufacturers. Some would call me a hoarder but retirement is only a few years away so I have to collect just to make sure I have enough to restore in retirement! I started restoring in 1996 and have eight full restorations under my belt. My current restorations are an almost finished CB750 K4 (due to debut on the HOC stand at Motorcycle Live 2019) and a 1974 Yamaha YG1 and currently have another three running bikes in my stable.”