West London HOWL at the National Rally

HOWL were well represented at this year’s brilliant rally in Berwick. Given the distance to travel up there, a number of the team had to be flexible and perhaps even dare I say a little inventive when it came to travel arrangements.

For Charles it was a case of ride up and completing his Saddlesore journey, whilst his wife Sue let the “train take the strain”.

Berwick may have been the furthest town away from Sussex in England, but its east coast line makes it well connected to London.

For Jon, Jude, Pauline and myself we decided to take an extended holiday and were able to explore the beautiful Northumberland coastline.

Carol and Peter Brown who are HOC members from Colne, Lancashire, but also honorary HOWLers  were with us too on their first rally. (Carol BTW is my sister). That just leaves Stephen Hill, Steve travelled up on his CBR1100XX on the Friday from his home in Kent and was there in time for a meal at the Brigs of Tweed. 

We were delighted to be joined socially by Val and Colin Nicholson, Colin as part of the Darlington team had worked hard to secure the Haven site (which was perfect) and also I believe was instrumental in the badge design and those gorgeous wooden plaques and also of course former West London member Mike Fensome.

Both Charles and Steve enjoyed the rideout on Saturday, and Steve was able to do a jaunt into Scotland on the Sunday to visit Eyemouth and Dunbar.

All over for another year, it was great to see old friends and establish new ones.

John Flynn West London branch