West London Branch Soak up the sun at 2 Venues Simultaneously

The weekend of 17/18th July was the hottest so far this year – too hot dare I say. Jude and I met up with lots of familiar faces and met some new ones at The Oxford Branch Rally at The Pig Place. An unconventional weekend camping weekend shared with their Chickens as they wandered in and around the tents and the Pigs scuffling with each other over their food (the Pigs didn’t come into the tents!). We sat out in Armchairs and sofas in the evening watching teams playing rally games – throwing horseshoes etc. – not sure how we would have coped with Dizzysticks…. And of course, tucked into some of Jenny’s Buns.Meanwhile on the same weekend, Steve, Martin and Tony joined the Essex branch at their Charity fund raiser for the local Air Ambulance. A great show put on there, well-attended with many fantastic bikes to be pored over. With £1000+ raised – well done Roland and all at Essex.

Jon Stone