West London Branch Honour Steve Hill @ Their Xmas Meal/AGM

On 21st November we had a bumper turnout of 33 people attending our early Xmas meal followed by our AGM. This year we were upstairs at The Magpie overlooking The Thames on a sunny Sunday afternoon. The staff at the pub had excelled themselves, setting the scene for us and the meal prompted many favourable comments. In fact, we called the chef out and gave him a round of applause, much to his delight – something he had never experienced before in all his years of catering. We held our customary Charity raffle with The British Heart Foundation being nominated as this year’s recipients. As a result, the next day we were able to make a donation of £175. During the AGM, Steve Hill was elevated to Honorary Secretary after 27 years of Service and was presented with a brilliant photo canvas. Dan Walton has taken on the role of Secretary with Charles Deakin also joining the committee. We’d like to thank Steve for all the hard work he has put in over the years, and at the same time express our confidence that with Dan and Charles added to the committee the branch will go from strength to strength.
Jon Stone