West London Branch Head to Rykas

Following latest Covid 19 guidelines, a west London group of 6 met in what was an unseasonably cold April Sunday morning, with temperatures that hardly got the mercury moving. Assembly point was Ockham Bites cafe, a really nice wooded area very close to the M25 A3 junction.
The ride was led by club stalwart Jon Stone and he said we’d have a short ride to the great biking Mecca of the south east, Rykas, Box Hill.
But Jon didn’t make it that easy, his idea was to treat us all to some of the best riding the leafy Surrey Hills has to offer. We took a loop around Guildford before heading east in the general direction of Rykas. Once there the car park was almost filled with bikes. It is certainly worth a visit here as the sheer number and variety of bikes is quite overwhelming. Plus if your bike is feeling energetic a ride up the zig zags to the summit is a must do attraction. As this road was resurfaced for the 2012 Olympics it offers one of the best surfaces too.
On the ride as well as Jon were Jude Browne, Tony Surridge, Stephen Hills, John Flynn and Marcus Wilkins who was riding his beautiful 1995 Harley Davidson Sportster.