West London Branch Chill out in the Chilterns

13 June/12 people/11 bikes. That was the format for West London branch to revisit Orchard Farm Cafe near Aylesbury. We were joined by amongst others Martin Stone and friend Mark and Sean, Bill and Hayley. The group gave a nod to King John as we passed through Runnymede, wished The Queen a Happy 95th Birthday for the previous day in Windsor, waved to those in Royal Farnham and bowed our head as we passed through even more Royal Beaconsfield – home of Lord Tony of Surridge! Whilst our wholesome farm food was being prepared, we frolicked in the hay and played on the tractor – although some thought it was an early Harley. A moderately-paced and patient ride there and a faster ride back as people dropped off en route to their final destinations made for a great day out
Jon Stone