The Howlers Head to Newhaven Fort

It is not easy to find a place so worthy of a visit that nobody within the group had ever visited before.

But that is exactly what Michael Keeler achieved when he proposed the run to Newhaven Fort for the HOWL schedule.

The prolonged great weather we had throughout September had blissfully been extended well into October. 

Michael suggested we meet at Earlswood Common Lakes (just south of Redhill) and eight of us were on the road heading south shortly after 9.30am.

Rarely do we see an entire group of Hondas, but today it was an eclectic mix of our favourite marque. Charles and Tom were riding 1970’s classic 1977 CB400T Dream & a 1972 CB500/4, I was on a 1989 VFR750F-K whilst Dan was on his 90’s Pan ST1100.

Jude (CB500), Jon (NC750X), Stephen (CB1100) and Michael (VFR1200X) were all on far more contemporary machines, without a carburettor in sight. 

Each bike looked great whatever its age. Stephen rode as far as he could with us before heading home, it was his 62nd birthday so his family and friends were waiting for him back at home, Really appreciate the effort to ride with us. Happy Birthday Steve!

There was a really warm welcome for us at the Fort. Mine host Ben was terrific, even providing us with our own locked dressing room for safe storage of helmets etcetera. The café was great and were able to meander and enjoy the setting for over three of hours.