The Howlers Cook at the Brighton Burn Up

Sunday the 3rd september.

I mounted my trusty steed the Pan European ST1100 on a fresh with a hint of fog Sunday morning in Crawley and headed to Rykas at box hill to meet five others Howlers.

Myself, Martin H, Petar, Todd, Gary and Cindy headed through the wilds of Surrey, into Sussex through scenic landscapes, small villages and the South Downs.

After a comfort stop on the extremity of the thriving city of Brighton we threaded our way through steep lanes and traffic to our destination Madeira Drive.

Once parked at one of the biggest events of the year the Ace Cafe’s Brighton Burn Up we quickly grasped the irony of the name with blazing sunshine and 25 degrees celsius we quickly found hydration, sustenance at the Madeira cafe whilst watching more and more bikes entering the event.

You will be hard pushed to see so many bikes in your lifetime as you do here on this annual event.

From 50cc to massive 2300 cc and above it is a great show room of the biking world and no bike is the same with different accessories to paint schemes and stories behind them.

To get a true idea of the magnitude of the event we scaled the tarmac slopes to get a view from above.

Always a great day out but the company makes it even better.

Dan Walton.