South Wales Ride out 5th March

March 5th South Wales take off to Shobdon.

3 met at the RV and we took off at 10.15 promptly.

Leaving Newbridge, via Pontypool, Usk, Raglan, Mitchel Troy to Monmouth.

Then headed north on the old Hereford Rd, then via Kivernoll, Clehonger, Madley, Bridge Sollers and it’s not everyday you ride through Mansell Gamage!
Turning right at Lyonshall then crossing the A44 up to Shobdon.
Quite busy with Sunday lunches (which looked fantastic) but we settled for bacon/sausage/egg rolls which were spot on 😋
Retracing steps back to the A44, then via Old & New Radnor’s, through Hundred House then South on the B4567 past the old Erwood station for photos at the chain suspension bridge 😊

Onward then via Brecon, Storey Arms and onto Penderyn and down to Aberdare, stopping for a cuppa and a natter at McD’s by about 3pm.

John Hawkins then took the high road (over the mountain) back his way, John Prosser and myself rode via Nelson splitting our separate ways at Gelligroes.

A great day out, on good roads with great company, no rain although a little chilly…. 

180.6 mikes door to door for me.

Can’t wait until the next one 😁

Murray Wiltshire