South Wales go to the Internal Fire Museum of Power

I felt that it was a good run out yesterday.

Just a shame that Brian Hudson had a generator failure that resulted in a flat battery a few miles west of Lampeter on the way home. The good news is that he wasn’t stuck too long and made it home before dark.

The run itself was good, 4 of us met at ASDA in Merthyr at the appointed hour.

We were joined by a husband and wife on their bikes (sorry I can’t remember your names, again). They were only going as far as the Owl’s Nest so tagged on the back. By the time we got onto the A470 due to the roadworks along the Heads of the Valley Road they had dissapeared from view.

This is not a problem as they knew where we were going. We waited for them at the Definog turning but they sailed past us as they headed toward Brecon and didn’t take the short cut. We met them again at the Owl’s, suitably refreshed we headed off and were flagged down in the car park by Richard on his 1300 Pan. He was joining us there as he lives in the Swansea valley and it was pointless him coming to Merthyr and then heading back toward home. First time with us for Richard, hope he enjoyed it.

I was following the Sat-Nav (my excuse anyway) and had an idea which way I wanted to go but the nav had other ideas, so a quick reset was called for. Unfortunately it took us up a fairly short link lane and I could almost hear the curses behind me as we discovered grass in the middle of the road. As I said it was quite short and once clear we did some really nice roads with good surfaces and some great views. I missed the turning into the Internal Fire Museum of Power which resulted in a turn around through a cafe car park.

Once into the correct lane I missed the entrance of the museum but the others spotted it, so much for my powers of observation. The museum was very friendly and ever so quirky. The cafe is a little bit limited but adequate and serve a nice pot of tea.

On the way back we took another route through some more interesting lanes with great views. A few miles from Lampeter I looked in the mirrors and only Bob Millard was there so we pulled up and turned around. Brian Hudson had had a generator failure which resulted in a totally dead battery. Only option was to call breakdown assistance. After making sure that Brian was OK the rest of us headed for home. It was a little too late for a second visit to the Owl’s as we passed through Llandovery.

I enjoyed the day and got home shorty after 6pm. Thanks to Brian, Bob Millard, Thomas Prosser (aka John), Richard and the couple from Cardiff for the company and helping to make the day even better.