Solent Branch Members Update


I contacted the membership, three weeks ago, when I took over the role of Ride Co-ordinator from Geoff. I was seeking feedback and ideas. It was very encouraging to receive many responses, which I have responded to individually. I hope that it is also helpful to provide a summary update of the key points for you all. I hope that this is helpful.

  1. Type of bike – Some concern from HOC members that you “have to turn up on a Honda” to ride with us. This is not true, there are a range of bikes riding with us, including BMW, Kawasaki and Triumphs. All models and makes are welcome.
  1. Size of bike for rides – The rides vary in length and cover roads with 20-70mph speed limits. As long as your bike can reach 70mph, and you are comfortable riding it for the distance of the ride, you will be very welcome. If there are any concerns here, please contact me. Please note we are not track gods blasting up the back roads, but a much more genteel law abiding bunch of riders.
  1. Suggested venues – Several new venues have been suggested and I will endeavour to add every one of them into the programme this year.
  1. Weekend rides – One member asked why we do not have weekend rides. It was felt that this was limiting the members opportunities. I would be pleased to put on weekend rides, if there is a demand for it. To test this demand, can I ask that you contact me, via email, over the next couple of weeks, if you would be interested in a Saturday or Sunday ride out, with as much information as to what would interest you. I will then contact these responders separately and try and arrange a mutually convenient date, to deliver this, and if successful, build into the programme going forward.

Finally, do not stop your ideas flowing through, they are always welcome.


Jim Dredge