North London Branch Catch a Chill

Despite the very cold weather forecast we had decided to try for a Ride Out on 28th November, taking reassurance of the promise of some […]

South Wales Branch get Lost in England

The day started well. John Hawkins, Murray Wiltshire, Lloyd Williams and I met at the Otter and left at around 10am. At Abergavenny we met Paul Blackmore and Tony Johnson. Tony had […]

Get Your Motors Running

Maddy, daughter of one of our members – Martin Haenlein – is making a name for herself (performing as Gretel Hanlyn) in the music industry. […]

North London Branch Mooch About a Bit

On 21st November a fine gaggle of our Branch left McDees and reconvened at North Weald Airfield. There we met other Branch members, predominantly Essex […]

Northants Branch Ron’s Big Quiz

Weds 10th November The Northants branch members attended a quiz night hosted by Ron Rutgers at the George Inn, Brixworth 4 teams tried to answer questions […]

Essex Branch Ring of Red Ride

Two of our EHOC member took put in the Ring of Red ride on Sunday, Ashley and Carole. Below is Ashley’s ride report. Today, I […]

West London Branch Remember

On Sunday 14th November the branch was involved in a couple of Remembrance day activities. Steve Cribbin attended the Ring of Red. Meanwhile four from […]