Northants Branch Visit Ely

Northants branch met up at Desborough BP services this morning for a rideout to Ely Cambridgeshire, 10 bikes turned up for the rideout and at 10am we left with me leading and after a good early start after a mixup with my satnav the run leader and the rest of the riders parted company and rode in opposite directions, doh, after a 5 min wait I turned the bike round and went back expecting there to be a accident/holdup or problem, the only problem was no riders to be seen so after a call to Mike I found out they were miles away and said to him ask Ron to lead to Ely and I’ll  see them there, Ron had planned a rideout to Ely at same time as me unknowingly but I announced mine first , I said I’ll meet them there so I continued on with mine enjoying the roads and the fact I didn’t have to watch out for everyone, 45mins later  turned a corner out of Alconbury and found myself at the back of a rideout, my rideout, as I passed the back marker I could see the smile on his face and he mine, so I got online and as it came to me being at front behind run leader Ron, who missed a turn and had to u turn, the look on his face when he seen me behind him, first time a run leader has overtaken a back marker haha, Ron led the way to Ely and when we parked up we had a few laughs, Ely was nice the cathedral was shut but still impressive, and the marina and riverside was worth the ride and after a bite to eat and a coffee we headed back to the bikes and  they even let me lead them back via St Neots and Kimbolton, great roads, great laughs and bikes.