North London’s Branch BBQ 6th August


North London have annual BBQ

On 6th August Steve J, our honourable chairman, arranged a Meet at the very nice Norton Heath cafe on the A414 for a run prior to our annual branch BBQ.

I think there were about fourteen bikes and we gaily set off to go through Harlow for a run to Bishops Stortford and the Hadhams prior to the BBQ.

Unfortunately we very quickly had a major ‘loss’ despite the first part of the route being straightforward and as far as I could see, well marked. About eight of us did the full run and we all met up later, with other members and the missing riders, for our BBQ with Ron and Tina, in Harlow.

The BBQ was excellent and brilliantly hosted, with great cooking and a lovely choice of desserts and beverages.

The BBQ chef was Ernie, who did a magnificent job and Tina had done lots of extra cooking. It was a great and sunny day.

But as far as the riding goes I think we must take away a reminder of the importance of a full briefing before a Ride as one cannot assume that everyone knows what they are doing, because to be frank , some people just put their brains in neutral and things get messed up.. Hey Ho!

Not a very good picture but the best I have, my fault.