North London Tapps up a Super Sausage

Hi People!
North London Sausage Up.

On Sunday 24th April on a dry and sunny morning Richard arranged a Ride leaving from our usual McDees. Eight Riders turned up and we extend a warm welcome to Patrick who joined us for the first time.

A pleasant route took them up to Stevenage but it was a bit plagued by speedbumps, roundabouts and chicanes there. The route continued to be good then as they went to Super Sausage near Milton Keynes via Hitchen, Shefford, Ampthill and the lovely Woburn Park area.

After sausage baps and without maps.. they went to Tapps, (Poetic or what)!

Tapps is a lovely garden centre with tea room at Baldock. The Baldock Bends are a great ride but we’re busy on this occasion.

It was a great day and thanks to Richard for leading, Robin for lunch and Adrian for afternoon refreshments. The photo is Tapps.

For Graham G…Richard, Steve J, Robin, Adrian, Ron, Derek, John C and new chap Patrick attended.