North London Sizzle at the Super Sausage

Hello Everyone….

North London go big on sausages

On 25th September a run was decided and I thought it was about time we headed West for a change, rather than more north bounds.

We left our usual McDees and six bikes and seven persons went very much across country to Broxbourne and Hatfield before going over the top of Luton and on to the A5.

It was still a bit of a run before we got to the busy and popular Super Sausage cafe near Towcester.

Great portions here and good value left us all feeling a little podgier! We had a look at the other bikes and chatted a bit with others before heading on through Towcester and then hitting the A413 to take us homewards.

This lovely road went through Buckingham and to Aylesbury and we then stopped at a favourite cafe in Tring.

Some of us had cake! For goodness sake! Have they no restraint! Home was then Hemel Hempstead and the A414.

A great day out before the Autumn descends upon us, dry it was with lovely roads.

Only Jim is missing in the photo as he had to head home more promptly.